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Message from Deaconess Ruth Ong
I am truly excited to experience the wonderful leading and guidance of our God right from the start, as we planted a church in this place. He gave us a vision and expected us to carry out his mission in faith. That’s how it is for us at ASICC. Now he has given us a bigger and a better place. I am proud to say, what we started small has grown and we see the fruits of our labour. It is a great privilege and honour for us to share ASICC with the people of Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara and the surrounding areas. Our aim is to step out, reach out and touch lives of the people in these areas, It’s also our intention to help connect people with one another and ultimately connecting them with God to experience many blessings. We are here to help and assist you. We invite you to come and experience the warmth and joy in our fellowship in Christ. Just step out, reach out, and experience God’s love.
Deaconess Ruth Ong

Message from Archdeacon Eddie Ong
Congratulations to the leadership and members of the All Souls’ International Community Church. Despite your small membership and being a relatively new Church in Desa Sri Hartamas, you have done much since you started six years ago. You have organised yearly community projects, Christmas concerts and showed care and affection to people whom you came into contact, both locals and international. Your fund-rasing dinner “Down Memory Lane’ with singer Johnny Tillotson on 2nd August 2014 was highly admirable as the RM130,000++ money raised in just one evening was not only for refurbishing of your new Church but also for continued ministry and mission of expressing love and compassion. We do recognized with thanksgiving to the Lord for your tangible development work amongst the Orang Asli in Kampong Pos Raya in 2015. This evening at this Dedication Service of your newly renovated shop-lot church, our hearts rejoice as we give thanks to the Lord as we recognised God’s great faithfulness, His material provision and His work amongst the members of ASICC these last six years. We also thank the Lord for the foresight of the Diocese of West Malaysia to purchase the two shop-offices for investment but also to use them for church work and mission. This message is incomplete without mentioning the affection and support of the late Dato’ Choong Pui Ying (known fondly as PY Choong). He was amongst the pioneer members of the church, then known as International Community Centre (2010 to 2015). As you moved on in 2016 and beyond, keep your eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfector of faith (Hebrews 12:2 NIV)
Remain blessed in Christ

The Venerable Eddie Ong                                                                                                                                                    
Upper Central Archdeacony  
Diocese of West Malaysia. 

Message from Archbishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing
It is a great joy to know that we have another Centre in the Sri Hartamas / Mont Kiara area to serve the people both locals and foreigners. I hope and pray that the All Souls' International Community Church which began on the 1st Sunday in January 2010 for Sunday worship services & fellowship, and English class for foreign nationals will continue to grow and venture into other areas of ministry. 
It is very important to connect and re-connect each one to his own Creator where there are so many blessings, strength, joy, hope and peace to enjoy. This is a way to say that we are here for you, and we can be of help and assistance to you whenever you need. May God bless you richly.
Archbishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing
Diocese of West Malaysia