Image by Toa Heftiba

Our Journey

The ministry in Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara began in 2008 as a home fellowship group with just three families and a few individuals. Our aim was to minister to the special needs of the locals and foreigners in the vicinity. From meeting in homes, we moved on to ‘Happy Church’ (which belongs to a Korean group at that time, under Rev Thomas Lee) for bible study, Alpha and strengthening the fellowship. As the group grew in strength and faith, we moved in September 2009. On 19th December 2009, a pre-Christmas celebration dinner was organized to introduce more people to the Centre. On 3rd January 2010, the Centre had its first Holy Communion Service and ever since then, worship services are held weekly on Sundays at 9.00am. Amongst the first activities to serve the Community was English Class (Saturday, 11am).

Once a month, the Centre organized cooking demonstration and had lunch fellowship. We share the premise with Navigate Together which aimed at reaching out to Third Culture children (expatriate children) giving them a sense of belonging. We had many fun raising activities not only for ourselves but also helped others to enjoy the benefits.
As we had decided we needed a bigger church, we searched for a suitable space that we could renovate and call our own. We found the perfect place but could not afford it but our approach to the Diocese was accepted and they agreed to buy the entire property! Halleluiah! All we had to do was pay for the renovation work.
To achieve this, our climax fund raiser was, ‘ An Evening down memory lane with Johnny Tillotson Dinner cum Concert.’ where we raised more than a hundred thousand ringgit. With the many donations that followed we had enough cash to convert an ageing martial arts studio into a beautiful church with all modern conveniences! This we see as a gift from above. Though it was in a bad shape, our people came together, designed, contributed and worked harmoniously to make this place so beautiful, Thanks be to God.
ASICC now help the Orang Asli Church in Kampong Pos Raya – fit water pipe, mend the broken toilets, created a proper kitchen and tiled the floor. We will to continue to reach out and help.
Sadly we lost one of our beloved pioneer member Dato’P Y Choong who had contributed to the church in many ways. He said, “Small church can do big thing.” With God’s help it is true in our case.

​Deaconess Ruth Ong