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Our Values



In an age when many people do not believe in absolute truth, we trust that the Bible communicates the absolute word of God, so we study and teach the Bible carefully, trying our best to live out the truth of the Bible in our daily lives, speaking honestly in love to those who do not yet believe.

Following Jesus

Our aim is to be people who believe in Jesus' words, believe in His teachings and live a life of obedience to Him because He loved us enough to give His life to save us from our sin  we want to follow Him with the whole of our lives and share His love with others.

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God is the only one worthy of worship, and we are  created to worship Him for all that Jesus has already achieved on the cross. We love Him and long to sing of His excellence, glory and grace, and we sing to Him with reverence and experience His amazing presence in the corporate worship of the church

Small Groups

In addition to the gathering of the whole church on Sundays, Christians need the support of a small group to grow into more mature disciples. The Bible lays out this pattern in the book of Acts, and we learn to apply the Bible in small group gatherings during the week, praying together for each other and sharing in new friendships as well.


Prayer is the most important way we can work with Jesus and draw close to Him. We are with Him in prayer and know that He hears our prayers we pray to Him individually and collectively when we gather as a church; we intercede for each other and we also make our needs known in prayer, giving thanks to Him for all He has done.

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Multiple Generation

We need all ages to build a sound church.  A biblical church will also reach out to grandparents, those who already have families, young professionals, young people, and children.


A biblical church is made up of people who grow in true friendship of love for one another, which is motivated by the goal of unity. As we grow in maturity in Jesus, we need each other and we help each other. In a healthy church, people will enjoy coming together to follow Jesus and will continue to make new friends because Jesus will draw more people to His church.


Jesus has given leaders to equip, teach, encourage and protect His church, and without them the church will be ineffective. We are careful to select pastors and leaders who are trustworthy and biblical, so that we can be confident in following their leadership and serving Jesus together.

Church Planting

Local churches are the primary conduit for discipling Jesus, so we are constantly training planting pastors, worship leaders and planting teams to start new churches. and to live out our biblical mandate by sending new churches to proclaim the Gospel and convert people to become true disciples of Jesus.


Jesus died for our sins to redeem us, this is God's mercy to us, so we should also show mercy to those who are willing to come to know Jesus and experience His forgiveness. Jesus teaches us to forgive others as He forgives us, and the church should be a place of healing, restoration, freedom and new life.